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Limestone is one of the most sought-after materials in the construction industry, because of its durability and strength when it comes to building roads and parking lots, as well as under-slab material for commercial buildings. Since it is a crushed material, it has more surface area than rounded grave, which is beneficial for concrete and asphalt mixes. Crushed stone also compacts better, and stays in place better than rounded gravel, which is beneficial for driveway toppings (especially on inclines).   

Limestone Available in Cincinnati, OH

Over time, limestone forms in shallow marine waters, when shells and skeletons of sea creatures harden, to create this very dense sedimentary rock. This limestone is then crushed, sized, sorted, or washed for construction, architectural or landscape uses. It can even be super-heated to produce cement, or burned with coal to capture Sulphur from emitting into the air, or used as a fire-resistant backing for shingles. Mostly, however it is used as the backbone of the construction industry, in building roads, driveways and parking lots. It is also the largest component in ready mix and asphalt paving mixes you see in the building projects all around you. From sidewalks to skyscrapers, there’s a good chance that limestone is being used.
Crushed stone near Cincinnati, OH

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Your Trusted Limestone Supplier

For more than fifty years, Hanson Aggregates has supplied limestone to the Cincinnati community. If you look around the city, you’ll see many roads and structures created from Hanson Aggregates’ limestone. We stock and sell only the strongest limestone to help our community grow and thrive.

No matter what project you’re working on, we offer a large supply of the highest-quality limestone. We know construction projects are expensive, so we keep our prices affordable.

We can deliver right to your home or construction site so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of picking up your limestone. However, if you would prefer to pick it up yourself, you can come to any of our Cincinnati plants.

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